4 Thai Cuisines to Try

Thai Cuisines to Try

Thailand is famous for its delicious cuisine and tourism. A fusion of traditional Asian influences, Thai food combines the taste of flavours such as sweet, salty and sour. Here are the best delicacies to try:

Thai Cuisines

Pad Thai

Thai Cuisines

Pad Thai is a rice-noodle dish that you shouldn’t miss. Made of chicken, tofu, bean sprouts, and a mixture of soy sauce and oyster sauce, this dish can be found on any streets in Thailand.

Thai One Pot

Ground pork, rice, bell peppers and mushrooms are some of the ingredients of this dish. Cooked in a single pan and flavoured with soy sauce, cayenne and sometimes juice, it is becoming a favourite of many people as it is rich and thick.


Visit a Thai restaurant and you’re most likely hear many people ordering laab. This dish is an addictive appetiser combined with ground meat, chillies and many types of seasonings. It is often served with lettuce leaves for wrapping. There are some people who want to eat the salad without meat, so they ask the chef to replace the meat with fish.


Some of the most common soups you can eat in Thailand are Guay Tiew, Naam Took and Khao Soi. These noodle soups are flavourful and easy to make. Thus, you might want to order these in restaurants near your hotel.

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