Facts About Abseiling Electricians that will Surprise You

Abseiling electricians are your first call when something goes wrong with your electrical wiring and appliances, particularly if it happens in high places. They are experts in installing, repairing and maintaining equipment. Whilst they’re a common sight in commercial settings, there are still some things most people don’t know about them.

Abseiling Electricians

Here are some secrets about your electrician you’ll be surprised to know about.

They go through rigorous trainingAbseiling Electricians

A lot of people fall under the impression that electrical technicians don’t need a lot of expertise. What they don’t realise is that these professionals go through a lot of training and education. Each candidate must complete a certificate in electrotechnology before they’re even qualified to take the licensing exam!

They must also train under a licensed electrician for months to get their own certification. The Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council has regulations in place for all practising technicians in Australia. Each state or territory may have different laws for the industry, but the council will have a regulator present for each area.

There are different specialisations

Not all technicians can practice the same type of work. Some are more qualified for certain jobs. Air conditioning and refrigeration technology, for example, requires a thorough knowledge of refrigerant handling. Thus, apart from electrical know-how, professionals in this specialisation need a different type of licence.

The same goes for commercial electrical work. Business establishments tend to have larger electrical circuitry. These use commercial-grade appliances, which require different skills to repair, maintain or install. To add to this, certain industries may have specialised equipment that needs specific care. This type of work cannot be performed by an electrician with a basic licence.

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They need special training for working in high places

A rope access electrician is constantly exposed to high-risk situations. Working in high places is no joke. It requires knowledge of the safest work practices in the industry. As such, every technician who works in high rise environments needs training from the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association.