Advantages of Daily Wear contacts

There are quite a few reasons why daily disposable lenses are proffered by so many people around the world. As these lenses do not accumulate any type of residue or blemishes, these type of contact lens are highly comfortable and reduces any risk of eye infection. Replacement cost of long-term contacts is highly expensive, but daily wear contacts are replaced each day, so the risk of losing or breaking is greatly minimised.

These are also highly suitable for travel, as these lenses do not require any type of cleaning solution or cases, which makes them much easier to travel with. Daily wear contacts are also ideal for a part time contact wearer who prefer glasses over contacts, but likes to wear contacts for special occasions.

Advantages of Extended Wear contacts

Extended wear contact lens are not for all, and many people have safety concerns when it comes to this type on contact. However, people are starting to realise the benefits of extended wear contacts and adopting its usage. Buy contact lenses online as these benefits people with unpredictable and highly active lifestyles, especially military personnel or emergency workers, who can now leave their lenses on longer periods of time. Some vision problems such as amblyopia or binocular vision can be cured with continuous vision correction, which can be solved with the use of extended wear contacts. People with extremely bad vision also benefit from these types of lenses.

You can select two pairs of lenses

Instead of using the same pair of coloured lens for formal as well as informal gatherings, you could keep a choice of two pairs of lenses which can be worn on a regular basis. For everyday wear you can select a more softer and subtle colour and for special events or occasions you can choose bright and daring coloured lenses and accessorize yourself well to look your best.

Use eye makeup well

You can use your cosmetic contact lens and give a tinge of makeup to your eye which sets you apart from the crowd. Using a particular shade of eye shadow or mascara which goes well with the lens colour adds grace to your eye. You could try using light eye shade of green colour with a gray coloured lens and top it up with a gray mascara to brighten up your eye.