Affordable Party Hire: Some Bachelor’s Night Ideas

Bachelor's Night Ideas

So, your wedding day is just a day or two away. And to celebrate the last moments of your singlehood, it’s only right that you hold a bachelor’s night. And if you don’t exactly live near Las Vegas, it doesn’t mean you can’t bring the celebration to you. And thanks to the services of an affordable party hire in Sydney, you don’t have to stress about the photo booth, karaoke machine and cocktail machine.

Here are awesome ideas for your upcoming bachelor’s celebration:

  • Beer Cake

No, this doesn’t mean a traditional cake injected with alcohol. Why not pile together with your favourite flavours of beer and have it shaped like a cake. And on top of that cake, place your favourite hard drink. This way, you’re sure that there will not be a can left unopened.

  • Commemorative Shirts

Who says ladies are the only ones who get to be extra on their last night of singlehood. Have commemorative shirts made for you and your groomsmen.

Make sure your shirt is different from those of your wedding entourage. Just think of something witty to be printed on those shirts.

  • Spin the Liquor

A bachelor’s party wouldn’t be complete without some drinking games. Aside from the popular beer pong, why not hold a ‘Spin the Liquor’ game?

Form plastic caps into one huge circle and fill each with different drinks. The same rules apply in a game of ‘Spin the Bottle’.

  • Hangover Kit

As a giveaway, instead of choosing something expensive, go for something practical. Consider a ‘Hangover Kit’ as your giveaway. Fill it with the basic items one needs after a wild drinking night.

  • Affordable Party Hire

The best thing about holding celebrations today is that an affordable party hire in Sydney is just an e-mail or a phone call away. From confectionary equipment to a digital karaoke jukebox, they have one ready for you.

Your bachelor’s night is an occasion you and your friends will remember in the years to come.