Are You Eligible for Assistance to become Digital Ready?

You may upgrade your antenna and cable systems, if you are a homeowner residing in your primary home. In addition, you may avail of assistance to install special gear to intercept free to air signals through a satellite, if you reside in a place that does not receive digital signals from the local telecasting tower.

Satellite Subsidy Scheme

The Satellite Subsidy Scheme (SSS) benefits households that depend on analogue television signals from television towers not yet adapted for digital transmission. These households may expect to qualify for subsidies.

The scheme offers an installation of gear necessary to pick up free to air signals sent out by the Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) Service. The installation is at a subsidised rate.

Homeowners qualifying for the scheme must contribute an amount ranging from $200 to $250 to avail of the assistance. The exact amount depends upon the location of the house. You may just want to opt to having a home theater, Home Cinema install Brisbane is highly recommended for this kind of installation.

Eligibility criteria for the Scheme

You may qualify for the SSS if you meet certain requirements.

Eligible Area – The homeowner must reside in an area that depends on analogue signals from television towers not changed to digital.

Eligible Dwelling – An eligible dwelling includes categories like standalone houses, semi detached houses, apartments and mobiles homes with permanent foundations. Nursing homes, disability homes and retirement villages are eligible, as well.

Eligible Individuals – The individual must be the homeowner or a tenant of the property and must be a citizen or a permanent resident of Australia. If you stay in a rented home, you must obtain permission from your proprietor for installing digital antennas for the scheme.