Australia’s Most Common Household Pests

Fleas are attracted to blood, as they need it to breed. They can be found in sandy areas. However it is not uncommon for them to breed on human skin. In the absence of animals, it is their next best option.

Additionally fleas are mostly seen on cats and dogs. So if you have aby pets at home, chances of fleas infesting your home will always be there. Furthermore, fleas are known to enter into households via clothes worn by people. Most often fleas are infamous for breeding in beds.

Types of Flies

There are three types of flies which are commonly seen invading Australian homes. The housefly, the bushfly, and the blowfly. Adult flies are known to lay their eggs in moist organic materials. After they hatch, they grow and become maggots.

Maggots also feed on organic materials, and then four or five days later, they move to dry soil, and dig down holes, and transform into pupae.

Disease and Germs

Hiring Pest and Building inspectors is necessary. When flies and other pests fly around and land on rubbish and other debris, they tend to pick up the germs and bacteria that is present on the surface. And when the same pests go inside homes, and begin breeding there – or on human skin – the germs carried on to the food and other articles, on which these pests settle. People living in the houses obviously consume the food, and due to the presence of the germs and bacteria in the food, they fall ill.

Pre purchase property inspectors provide detailed reports on a property that you want to acquire.