Tips to Enjoy the Best Marcoola Accommodation


A lot of people travel during the summer season and the holidays and whilst travelling with family often means expensive food, travel and accommodation costs, you can have the option to slash down your expenses. That’s why many choose airport hotels for their Marcoola accommodation.



Here are some tips to experience the best motels in this coastal area:

Book early

To secure a room in the airport motel you’re planning to stay in, book early. Remember, it’ll be hard to find an available – and affordable – room once peak season starts. So, before you get excited about mapping out your itinerary, make an early reservation first.

Ask the management about your pets

Whether you weren’t able to find someone to look after your furry friends for you or you simply want to travel with them, ring it to the airport motel’s management first. And if they do allow, ask how many of your cuddly pets are allowed.

Tip accordingly

Even though serving customers is part of their job, it’s okay to tip parking valets, doormen, porters and cleaning staff if you were really impressed with their service. Just remember that this act of courtesy is never mandatory.

Use the motel’s amenities

The reason why airport motels are also costly, even though it’s a lot cheaper than a 5-star hotel, is because of the amenities that automatically come with your booking. Amenities such as a swimming pool or gym in the motel are just some of the perks you can enjoy upon checking in.

Be considerate

It never hurts to be considerate and respectful. Remember, only a wall and a ceiling separate you from other guests.

Aside from that, learn to clean up the room as well. Help the cleaners do their job by practising proper waste disposal and placing dirty towels on the floor when your replacement.

If you want to get the best from your vacation, make sure you sort through all necessary matters first. By booking a motel for your Marcoola accommodation, you save on travel time and money. Visit Sunshine Coast Airport Motel’s website and book today!