Why Breakfast Dates Should be a Thing

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Food dates are one of the best kinds of dates. Not only will you get to feast on sumptuous meals, you also get to enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere. Whether you are just starting out in a new relationship or just want to have a good time with your significant other, breakfast dates should always be included in your plans. Here are the reasons why:

  • Great Food Choices

It’s no surprise that many people go for all-day breakfasts. After all, this kind of food is incredibly delicious. Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than allowing yourself to indulge in bacon, buttermilk pancakes, healthy muesli bowls, avocado toast and even eggs benedict. With these yummy offerings, you’re sure to find one that suits your fancy.

  • More Affordable Option

Breakfasts are considerably cheaper compared to lunch or dinner dates. You won’t even have to order staple items such as appetizers, salad, entrees and even dessert. Depending on your choice of restaurant, your bill may come up anywhere from 50 to 100 dollars. To avoid this, try to go on dates early in the morning. With a filling meal to start your day, you may even want to skip lunch and walk all the food that you have consumed.

  • Less Pressure

If you are just starting out in this relationship, you certainly don’t want to put any pressure on your partner. When you go out on an early morning meal with your partner, there’s no pressure to look perfect or what happens next. Since you still have the whole day, you can go on with other plans or you can choose to watch a movie or even head to a park.

  • Relaxed Atmosphere

Starting the day with your partner allows you to experience a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Since there’s less pressure to look perfect or to be high maintenance, you can have a fun time simply getting to know one another.

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