How to Buy a Security Camera

A security camera makes it easy for you to monitor your home. When placed in strategic locations, it can help curb residential burglaries. They’re an effective tool for preventing home invasions. If you’re looking for the right CCTV, here are a few considerations to remember.

Security Camera

Indoor or Outdoor?

Security Camera

Not all cameras are built for the outdoors. If you want something for your front door or backyard, you need to invest in waterproof varieties. These are durable enough to withstand harsh environments. Most will be fitted with an overextended cap to prevent water from blurring the lens.

Outdoor cameras also tend to be more suited to long-distance recording. This means they can clearly capture images from far away. This is perfect or catching activity around the neighbourhood. You can even use them to capture licence plates, in cases of hit and runs. On the other hand, you won’t need such features.

How much space do you want?

Disk space is another thing you want to consider when buying a CCTV. In traditional models, the footage goes straight onto a hard disk. When it gets full, it automatically overwrites previous videos. The regularity of overwrites will depend on how big the capacity is. As a general rule, the lower the capacity, the more frequently it overwrites.

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Whilst this can work for real-time recording – or if you have the time to change, back-up and replace the hard disk every few hours. However, it’s hardly convenient. Should you have to go back through previous footage, you won’t have much luck. Thankfully, newer models have Wi-Fi capabilities that allow you to automatically back up the files.

Wi-Fi capable CCTVs automatically uploads the feed to the cloud. This eliminates the need for a large hard drive. The only thing you need is a bigger space online, which is much cheaper than physical storage.

Wi-Fi capable CCTVs also make it possible for you to view the footage in real time through your smartphone. Wherever you are, you can monitor your home as long as you have an internet connection. This is perfect for people who are away from home a lot and want to monitor their valuables.