Checklist for Bathroom Renovation

When you finalize the renovation budget make sure that you keep at least two-third of that to spent on the labor. The remaining amount can be spent of the tiles, showers, bathroom vanities and other stuff. Though it may seem less but the amount left to buy the accessories will be enough to buy the tiles and floorings.

It is necessary to start working on a rough draft by now. You will be required to try out different layout combinations that match with the design of the rest of your house.

Sign a contractor

After finalizing the budget you can look for the contractors to hire. The contractor needs to specify the time limit of the whole project before signing up the contract. He must tell you the date of commencement of the projects, the time when he will need the materials and the date of completion of the project.

Normal duration of a bathroom renovation is about 5 to 6 weeks. You will also need to make some arrangements in advance if the bathroom that is going to be renovated is the only bathroom in the house.

Shopping for the accessories and choosing the color of paint

When you are done with most of the difficult planning, enjoy shopping different types and styles of towel holders, mirrors and soap cases. After deciding the type of tiles and hardwood floorings, the next step is to choose a paint that resonates with the rest of the surroundings in the bathroom.

Applying heat reflective roof paint is beneficial for you especially during summer.