Commercial Kitchen – How To Save Water?

In commercial dishwashing, especially in big restaurants, water leaks over a period of time are the main culprit behind water loss. As this loss happens gradually, many a times it goes unnoticed. The need of getting the leaks repaired right away is realised only when the water bills are seen to be raised by a considerable degree. Therefore as soon as you spot a leak get it repaired right away, to avoid further hassles.

The use of foot controllers which are pedal operated at the hand sink or dish station will control the flow of water. As a result, the water flows at a low pace or rate from the faucets so they are a great help in minimizing the water loss in commercial dishwashing. The amount of water used by the commercial dishwashers is unaltered and does not depend upon the number of dishes in the rack. So, it would be wise to wash only completely loaded dish racks rather than washing racks having few dishes only.

Use foot controllers which are pedal operated for faucets and wash completely loaded dish racks.

Try going boiler-less

Many combination ovens and boiler-less steamers, available in the market are ENERGY STAR qualified. The best part is that these models use far less water. Unlike the conventional steamers they do not make use of a water line. So, by using these equipments in commercial dishwashing in your kitchen, you get the dual advantage as these instruments turn out to be water-efficient and profitable at the same time.

Keeping our community clean is our civic responsibility. Proper classification and waste disposal of our domestic waste, recyclables and hazardous materials should be done at all times.

Cool rooms are necessary to store and prolong foods for commercial kitchens.