4 Things to Consider When Choosing Plantation Shutters

Make your home a personal haven by adding plantation shutters. These make your space brighter, making you feel like you are in paradise. Before shopping for these window fixtures, make sure to consider these following things:

Window Sizes

Figuring out the right type of shutters can be tricky, especially if you don’t know if it will perfectly match the size of your windows. Although many of these fixtures can be suitable for any type of room, you need to measure your window to ensure that the shutter will fit.

Since these fixtures can be customised, you can opt for custom-fitted shutters that perfectly fits. Leave it to the experts to avoid confusion on your part.

Personal Style and Taste

Do these products fit your personal style and taste? Do they reflect on who you are as a person? As you know, these fixtures have a sleek, modern and elegant feel. You need to ensure that these fit with your personality and the existing interiors you have at hand.

Whilst you are at it, consider if these plantation shutters complement the appearance of your space. Do they blend seamlessly with your furniture and another décor? Make sure to take note of these whilst shopping for blinds.

Type of Material

There are various types of material to choose from. Amongst these, the most popular and stylish ones are made from real wood, vinyl and composite wood materials. Real wood tends to be stronger and a more durable option. In fact, if you are fond of a classic and traditional look, go for these types of material.

However, if you are looking for a more affordable yet durable alternative, try going for a vinyl or composite material. Made from medium-density fibreboard and a mixture of aluminium, these are sturdy and can last well over time. These are perfect for areas with unpredictable weather conditions since these are weather and water-resistant.

Colour Scheme

Choosing a white colour can give your house the updated look it needs. Aside from making your house appear fresh, these can make your space look homey and comfortable. If you are going for a rustic feel, consider choosing brown or black to complement your space.

Whatever look you are going for, plantation shutters can make a big difference. For more information, contact Distinctive Blinds today. They have an extensive selection of window treatments for you to choose from.