Documentations That a Building Contractor should Have

Your home is one of the best precious financial assets. With this in mind, an extension or renovation of it should be done by professional contractors. Before employing a home builder, they should have the proper documentations and qualifications to do the job.

Licensing Requirements

Never fail to ask if the contractor has the required license to do his work. Registration details needed by the state must be completed by him prior to taking up the work. Contractors and remodelers must comply with the registration statutes of the state. Licensing process might involve a simple registration in a particular locality. Failure to meet the multi pronged approach of some other state can be a trouble shooter in future.

Check with your building contractor to find out if he has met all the licensing requirements of your state. Find out if it is current or not.

Permits Regarding Building Projects

Make a list of similar projects completed by the contractor in the last few years. The next important step is to resolve issues about the permit. Most competent contractors will set out on their task after acquiring all the desired permits. No contractor can ask you to get the required permits. Any such move must be looked upon with suspicion and it is a sure indicator of the fact that the professional does not have the requisite qualification to set up shop.

Insurance Details

A contractor must take care of the worker’s compensation. Any damage to property will be his liability. All insurance certificates provided by him must be current. A written contract can save you from troubles.