Documents to Submit Along with Your Rental Application

It is getting tougher day-by-day to get a good rented property in Australia. Rents are rising very steeply and so is the competition for a better place. The tenants have to be well aware and well prepared to increase their possibilities of getting their preferred rental properties. There are certain important documents that the tenant must be ready with prior to applying for a rented place:

Photo identification

Every owner wants to ensure the true identity of the tenant. Therefore, a photo identity card such as driver’s license, passport or 18+ cards is very essential. This confirms your identity and provides due assurance to the owner.

Address Proof

You should also be able to provide the proof of your current address along with the application for the rented property. The proof of address could be your phone, gas, electricity or council account. You could also submit your tenancy agreement as address proof.

Pay slips and Bank statements

Your payslip is a very important document that shows that you have a steady source of income and your employer can vouch for your credentials. Your bank statements demonstrate that you are financially able to afford the rent of the property. These documents also show your loans and liabilities providing insight into your financial status.

Deposit / rental ledger

The rental ledger is an extremely important document which provides a detailed payment history of your previous or currently rented property. This document is maintained by your property agent and hence carries a lot of weight. A clean record projects you in very good light and maximises your chances of securing the property of your choice.