Escorts and Services in Australia

Nothing can be further from the truth! Sex is only a part of the range of services provided by escort agencies. And since prostitution is a legally sanctioned profession in Australia, such agencies do not need to offer sexual services under the garb of ‘entertainment’. You get only as much as you ask for and the different services offered are clearly mentioned on the websites of premier escort agencies. Some of the services include escorts for social functions, formal parties, awards events, advertising events, business meets… and for pure fun and company without physical intimacy. In fact, you will find just the right escort for every occasion whenever you need to attend as a couple or just to talk to somebody intelligent and sympathetic after a long and hard day.

Escorts are hired by Men with Weird Preferences

Again a myth as indicated by a research conducted by the Australian Study of Health and Relationships. The research clearly shows that about ninety five percent of men who hired escorts for sex preferred the regular vaginal method of intercourse whereas men with preferences for anal sex or extreme sex comprised only about one percent. The truth is that escorts are hired by ‘real’ men who want to spend a few hours with a smart and confident lady; with or without sex.

Escorts are ‘Dumb Beauties’

Again a myth that is so far removed from reality! Depending on how much you are willing to pay, you can get escorts you will be proud of irrespective of the occasion and the attendees. Whether it’s a family gathering, social meet or business event; Escort agencies Sydney will definitely captivate everybody with her charm, sophistication, knowledge and confidence.