Gym Equipments That Needs The Guidance of Trainer Before Using

Being healthy is one of the best rewards that one could have. One way to achieve this is to exercise daily while having a healthy and balanced diet. When planning to buy exersize equipment, it is a must for you to consult a health fitness expert or a trainer first. There is some equipment which you should never use without the guidance of a trainer.

Seated Rows

You require the supervision of trainers for using seated rows used in gyms. Seated rows work in an amazing way on your shoulders and arms. That being said, correct usage of the gym equipment is vital to save you from the injury and get peak benefits from it.
Trainers will educate you about the pros and cons of various positions on seated rows. Never use the equipment on own just by watching others using it, because incorrect usage might cause you back pain and several other problems.

Smith Machine Squats

Unlike other squats, smith machine squats should not be practiced without the supervision of an expert trainer. Smith machine squats gives workout to the lower parts of your body such as, legs, hips and thighs.

The correct usage of gym equipment requires you to bring your knees and hips in alignment with each other. Doing it on your own will not benefit you much. An expert trainer will not only tell you about the correct position, but will also tailor the workout on the machine for you.

Calf Press Machine

Calf press machine can be used for both shoulders and legs. Styles of workouts on the machine depend upon the part of body you are targeting. Incorrect usage of calf press machine can lead to muscle cramps. So, always use the gym equipment under the guidance of trainer.

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