Health Benefits of Gelatin

Gelatin is a structural protein collagen, which is obtained from skin, joints, collagen and bones of animals. It’s mostly available in the form of tasteless and granulated powder, and is mixed in various foods to make them dense.

Due to its diverse and valuable properties, it is used in many industries such as, medicine, beauty, food and health in the form of protein supplements. Different food items such as, gummy bears lozenges, yogurt, marshmallows, jelly, and sausages etc. are rich sources of gelatin.

Joint Flexibility

One third of human body is composed of collagen. It provides strength to the connective tissues and joints, and helps in providing flexibility to the body parts. But with aging, your body starts falling dearth of collagen.

Gelatin can be used in the form of protein supplements for increasing the flexibility and movement of your joints. Besides that, it provides an excellent recovery to the joints. People suffering from arthritis, osteoporosis and brittle bones can purge joint pain with the use of gelatin.

Hormonal Balance

Gelatin has a wonderful property through which it can bring a spectacular balance in the release of hormones in your body. Excess release of estrogen hormone in your body is responsible for various health issues such as, inflammation, infertility, premature aging etc.

The reason for increased release of estrogen hormone in the body can be, over exposure to phytoestrogens and others. Anti-estrogenic property of gelatin keeps a check on the release of hormones, and brings proper equilibrium in them.