Questions to Ask When Hiring a Bat Mitzvah Events DJ

Bat Mitzvah Events DJ

Bat Mitzvah is a Hebrew phrase for ‘Daughter of the commandment’. It is when a young Jewish girl reaches the age of 12 years old. A party is held to celebrate her coming of age, indicating she now has all the rights and obligations of being a Jewish girl.

Right after the ceremony, it’s where people loosen up to celebrate this momentous day. And to keep the merriment going, it helps if you have the best Bat Mitzvah events DJ working for you on your special day.

Here are questions to ask when hiring a disk jockey exclusive for these events:

  • Have you ever played for this kind of celebration?

Your DJ needs to remember that she will be playing for families and adolescents. Aside from that, this ritual isn’t just some birthday party. It’s also considered to be an important part of their culture and religion.

That is why it helps to hire one that has worked in an event like this. By hiring an experienced one, she will know how this kind of celebration works out and what type of music to play.

  • What kind of music do you play?

Again, a Bat Mitzvah isn’t an ordinary birthday celebration. The last thing you want your hired DJ to do is to play a completely inappropriate song and have everyone feeling awkward.

A good tip is to check what kind of songs she usually plays for events like this. Don’t be afraid to select the set of songs that jive together with the program flow, days before the event.

  • What type of equipment do you use?

It’s important to ask the reason why asking about the equipment of the DJ because you want to make sure there’s enough space for it in the venue.

If you want to avoid problems about the space, send a picture of the venue and indicate where she will be stationed.

Make this event a success and not a disaster by hiring the right Bat Mitzvah events DJ as early as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’ll help you in assessing which professional to choose. Visit Aaron David Productions’ website and make a reservation today!