How Brendan Elias Can Help Improve Your Business

Your business is an asset you always need to expand. If you are looking for ways to improve your business, then you might want to consult Brendan Elias. As a successful importer himself, he can give you tips and bonus information on how to expand your business. Here are other ways he can help:

Free Workshops

Brendan believes that the best way to learn the secrets of a successful business is by learning face-to-face. This is why he conducts free workshops for those willing to learn about his China Import Formula (CIF). In these seminars, he teaches about the Chinese principles of “Guanxi” or connections and “Zhishi” knowledge. According to him, aspiring entrepreneurs must embrace both in order to succeed.

Moreover, he teaches participants how to import and ship good products from China. He also provides a list of potentially viable products, reliable manufacturers and trustworthy drop shippers. He also gives tips on how to set up a business by taking advantage of the internet. From checking out popular products to set up an online store, you will be able to learn it from these workshops.

Online Learning and Assistance

Aside from online opportunities, Brendan also uses the internet to educate aspiring importers. With the CIF website, he does webinars which you can attend. Aside from these webinars, you can also watch educational videos in which he tackles the different aspects of the import lifestyle. If you have questions, you can reach out to CIF members about your queries.

Educational Products

If you are interested in fully immersing in the import lifestyle, you might want to purchase multimedia products from the CIF website. There are a lot of additional information you can learn using these instructional videos. There are bundles that can teach you about negotiating, buying wholesale, finding drop shippers, importation and things to avoid.

For more information on the import lifestyle, you might want to visit the China Import Formula website. By doing so, you can register for a free China Import seminar headed by Brendan Elias and get in touch with his representatives.