How to Choose Quality Cool Room Equipment for Your Hotel

Cool rooms are an essential part of all commercial kitchens. A cool room provides storage spaces for both large and small units. It manages to give extra space for preservation when ordinary facilities do not come in handy.

The modular variety which is custom made is a popular choice. A complete unit is the preferred choice for many. The facility is available in a kit form also. Following are some of the ideas which will help you select the right cool rooms for your hotel.


The panels made of Polyurethane and having thermal properties are the best suited for the purpose. The vacuum system which is well patented can be helpful in many ways. Good insulation provides greater utility. The energy efficiency must be kept in mind. Go for those varieties which give greater independence in the size of the cool rooms. Stress should be given on easy cleaning options. The external and internal features must have well rounded corners.


Proper sanitation facilities must be maintained. Well insulated flooring is important. The use of ply and polyurethane reinforces the high density of the floor. The floor which is covered with the galvanized variety of steel is the ideal one. A thickness of 0.7mm and a covering of plastic which is anti-slip in nature are beneficial.


The doors should be hinged at the right or left hand corners. An audible bell for the purpose of safety must be present. The internal features must have the provisions of a safety release. Well fitted locks are an integral part of all units. Sliding doors of various sizes makes way for greater space.

Cool rooms are indeed important to food businesses’ kitchen. Select wise. Use the above mentioned things as your guidelines.

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