How to Ensure the Safety of Commercial Painters when they Paint External Walls and Roofs

Painting a house is not at all an easy task. It involves a large amount of danger to the life of the painter. Taller the house, larger will be the threat to the person painting the house. However, while carrying out such a dangerous process, should be made sure that the painter is fully secure and any mishap will not hurt him. Here we discuss the measures that can be taken to ensure the safety of the professional painters team painting our homes.

Safety harness

This is one of the most widely adopted measures to ensure that the painter doesn’t fall on the ground, even if he let go of the platform. Generally in big buildings, the painters are given a platform which hangs outside the house and helps them gain the required balance to paint the house thoroughly. If the building is tall then the painter might feel sick of the height where he has to work on.

This will not only endanger his security but will also have an effect on his ability to paint the walls properly. This can be avoided by tying a safety harness around his waist. The safety harness will ensure his safety and will thus make him more confident to do his job. The harness should be made up of a strong material like carbon fibre so that it can withstand the weight of the painter.


Helmets are one of the most important parts of the security equipment. Just like their importance in the field of sports or on the road, they are equally important for the painters as well. Commercial roof painting teams have to take care of a lot of things. While painting the exterior walls, they are supposed to pay special attention to the things which might fall from the slanting roof and hit their head.

It can happen that the painter may not notice an object dropping from the roof. If it makes contact with the head of the painter, it may turn out to be very harmful. If it makes him unconscious then he may fall on the ground at that very instant. Thus a helmet is needed to prevent the most vital part of the body- head.

Rubberized gloves

The gloves help the painter make his grip tight on the rope and hold the paint brushes more tightly. The paint generally consists of materials which are not very skin friendly. Hence if any drop of paint comes in contact with the bare hand of the painter, it may cause harm to home. Having a pair of gloves put on his hand will prevent any such thing from happening. The rubberized gloves also help him hold the harness rope more comfortably. The ropes are generally very slippery and tend to slip off from the hands of painter due to sweaty hands. The outer texture of the gloves will help him have a firm grip on the rope.