How to Prevent Stains from Forming on your Formal Dinner Party Sets

How to Prevent Stains

The most important part of formal dinner party catering is the setting of the table. The cutlery, the well appointed seating arrangement, the sparkling crystal wine glasses – these speak of an evening of fine dining and elegance. But if your cutlery had stains or scratches on it, not only does that detract from the glamour of the whole setting, but it is also a waste of good crockery.

For you precious silver dishes

Whether it is the silver serve ware from Maxwell and Williams what you need to clean, or the cutlery pieces themselves, make sure that each item is handled with care, and washed clean of any remaining food particles. Do not use a spoon to scrape off the remaining food from the serve ware, but remove it using a rubber spatula instead. If the food served was acidic in nature (like tomato based foods) then you need to clean it as soon as possible without letting the acid react with the silver.

Do not ever put your silver dishes in a dishwasher as it will only cause more harm. Hand washing is the best option for silverware, so use a mild detergent that has no harsh chemicals and acidic content. Do not use a harsh scrub for cleaning the silverware, use a soft sponge or dish cloth to clean the dishes instead. While storing, keep each dish separate or put a layer of protective cloth or paper between two dishes if you need to stack them up.