How To Take Care Of Your Shade Sails

The tension membranes of the waterproof variety are generally used on the wing panels of the shade. They promise to provide you an all round safeguards throughout the year. The fabric does not have immunity from storms, earthquakes or hailstorm. They can be damaged by fire and lightening also. Pay attention on the warranties provided by the company before buying the desired sails.

The manufacturer’s guarantee related to the UV degradation must be one of primary objectives. Go for those options which provide you the highest quality. The fittings must be made of stainless steel. The UV stabilized fabrics must be the most sought after variety.


The accreditation by the Building Association or Commission is very essential. Seek the aid of a professional company for the process of installation. An individual, unsure of his abilities must not make an amateurish attempt.
A skilful installation tries to reduce the wind flaps in the fabric. Strong wind can damage the fabric of the sail. Mechanical breakdown can not be ruled out altogether.

Avoid Chemicals

Refrain from using strong industrial chemicals or bleach. Harsh chemicals are not good for a UV stabilizer. It can reduce the life span of a sail considerably. Exposure to metal oxides or Sulphur is entirely ruled out. Avoid petrol and oil.

Preserve shade sails during winter by storing it in a safe place. Check out

Choosing exotic shades

Look for trusted manufacturers who will give you shade sails which are high on quality and have fast colour. If you have any specific choice which you would like to express in terms of sail colour then you can let the manufacturer know about the same. Most manufacturers will give you some exotic colour options like slate, orange, purple, pink, teal, sea green etc.