Logo Designs: Eye-Catching Trends for 2018

Logos shouldn’t be plain and boring. In fact, since it represents your brand and company, this should set you apart from competitors in the industry. To do this, you must take logo designs to the next level. With these eye-catching trends for 2018, you’ll never go out of style. Below are some artistic takes on this subject:

Logo Design

Letter Stacking

Known for its nifty solution for making lengthy names and phrases fit so well together, letter stacking is surely the answer to your problems. With this, you can make your long company name fit. Not only will designers place the word in a column, they’ll also adjust this to accommodate stylistic elements. When paired with vibrant colours and exciting fonts, this style will certainly bring a lot of character to the table. Not only does it look edgy, it is also appealing.

Use of Slices

Slices are exactly what you might think – use of white parallel lines and slicing it up with the main icon. Despite its simplicity, this approach is very much powerful. By lending the emblem, it evokes a sense of sleek minimalism, a trend which everybody wants to hop on. If you want to channel this, try to use negative space or even make use of optical illusion to create a striking effect.

Lettering and Typography

This 2018, expect to see more experimental fonts and typography. From developing new shapes to resurrecting and medication of existing ones, this trend will never die. By modernising and making use of unique fonts, it elevates the style and the very branding of your company. Depending on your chosen technique, these can make your company appear intriguing for your intended audience.

Responsive, Contextual Logos

Many logos today make use of responsive and contextual designs. This means having a grasp of how your design can be applied in different ways. This is particularly helpful for mobile sites, poster, business cards and even product packaging.

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