Media that can be added using web design

Web design is a powerful tool which allows designers to manipulate how a website looks with the help of commands brought about by different languages used to create and enhance websites such as the markup language and style sheet language among others. Depending on how it is used, the presence of multimedia helps the website even further by grabbing the attention of its visitors. Here are the three most well-known and most used media that complete the look and content of a website currently or made as an end-result of a web design.


Photos or images are commonly used forms of media when it comes to web design. These pictures can be used as a website’s background should the user want to have something more detailed than plain colors or as a gallery of a collection of photos for online visitors to enjoy viewing when they visit a website. Pictures can definitely grab a person’s attention and when the web design is done properly, the images can create a positive impact on the visitor and will definitely attract and catch the interest of potential readers which will be good especially if the website is for a company providing goods or services.


A video is another type of media that appears in websites and greatly enjoyed by many. These videos can come in different genres depending on the content of the website. For instance, if the website is for a food and beverage company, commercials can be embedded into the web design or perhaps a personal blog with video clips of what the owner would like to share. While videos are appreciated types of media, it should be added with care to make sure visitors will not find these irksome when the website is opened, especially when it is set to play automatically.


Music is yet another type of media applied in websites courtesy of web design and but should be carefully used so as not to startle visitors, especially when a music file is used as a background music. While background music is mostly used in personal blogs, it is rare to find it in business websites from large firms. These music clips can be soothing melodies, upbeat and jolly songs or anything which helps set the mood of the website. Websites who make use of music are usually websites that allow streaming, downloading or purchasing of music files.