Most Common Mobility Equipment for the Elderly

Mobility Equipment is made of tools to help people move around easier. They’re commonly used by the elderly who have problems with walking. These tools assist people, making their lives more comfortable. There are a variety of things used for this purpose. Here are some of the most common.


Mobility Aids

Most people are familiar with this walking device. It’s usually comprised of a rod or a bar, fitted with a rubber stopper underneath to keep it from slipping. The handle is usually made for easy and comfortable gripping. They’re sturdy enough to hold the user’s weight and light enough to be carried around everywhere.

These can be made from a variety of materials, the most popular being wood and metal. They’re also available in a range of designs. Canes are perfect for people who can function independently, but still, need help to support either their back or knees. They’re also ideal for people who are at risk of falling.


Walkers are the four-legged versions of canes. They’re usually built with aluminium, as the material is lightweight and durable. They’re much more stable than canes, as they offer full support. The elderly can lean into the device without fear of toppling over.


Rollators are similar to walkers, in that they have four legs. However, they’re built with wheels instead of basic poles. This makes them very easy to walk with, requiring little to no effort. Most are even fitted with small pads where the elderly can sit if they get tired. These are perfect for people who want higher mobility out of their device.

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Person With Reduced Mobility Wheelchair Disabled Man

Wheelchairs are another common device used for getting around. As the name suggests, it’s a comfortable chair fitted with wheels, allowing the person to move without using their legs. Most varieties are operated manually. However, there are motorised versions available. This type of device is best for the elderly who can’t afford to strain their joints. They completely take the pressure off the knees and back, making it more comfortable for the user.