Moving House Packing Tips

If there is one thing you can splurge on while packing – it’s tape! Use extra rolls of tape to secure the bottom of packing boxes. Use bubble wrap to protect fragile items. If you run out of bubble wrap, you can also re-use old newspapers, magazines, and even pillows and rugs to provide the necessary cushioning.

Be careful with the glass

Glass and corrugated metal items should be put in separate boxes with extra wrapping for protection. Use brightly colored paper for wrapping so that you can distinguish the fragile items while unpacking everything. Put bold labels on the boxes and mark all fragile items likewise. If you have space in your car, you can even carry some of the valuables with you.

Pack appliances and electronic items properly

If you need to dismount and de-assemble an appliance or an electronic item, make sure you follow all the rules carefully. If you are unsure of how to do this, call removal specialist for this purpose. They will charge a fee for the service, but you can rest easy that your appliances will be in proper working condition when you reach your new home.

Think about the truck

Book a truck before hand, and think about how you are going to load all your belongings into it. You will need a little planning to utilize the loading space in the most productive manner, so be prepared for this eventuality.

For damage furnitures, employ a professional furniture upholsterer.