How to Pick the Right Colour for Your Blinds

Decorating your space can be a lot of fun. However, choosing the wrong colour palette for your blinds can be stressful, especially when you have a vision in mind you want to achieve. To help make that vision come true, make sure to find the right shades so these can perfectly complement your home. Here are some tips on how to pick the right colour:



Set the Mood

You may need to set the mood in particular rooms. Setting a scene allows you to envision what colours you usually associate with that event. For example, bedrooms typically need to be a placed where you can relax and have a peace of mind. So, it’s best to opt for soothing colours such as blues, greys, whites and even pale and pastel hues. To help coordinate your chosen blind, consider having it made with these colour scheme in mind.

Size of Rooms

The size of your rooms can help you determine your choice of hue. It’s good to note that lighter-coloured-shades tend to emphasise how big a room is, whilst darker-coloured shades can emphasise its small size.

If you have windows in your room, you can help create definition by using bolder and deeper hues. However, if you don’t want to draw any attention to these windows, neutral tones can work best.

Overall Style Selection

Before purchasing the first style you see, you should think about your home’s overall aesthetic. If you are sporting a modern and minimalist look, a sleek blind would be your best bet. If you have a country chic or rustic style home, earthy tones would work in your favour.

Type of Materials

To help you finalise your choice, consider what type of material you want to use. If you want complete rest and privacy, you can benefit from using a blackout blind. However, if you want some light to enter, translucent or sheer fabrics are your best option.

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