Questions to Ask After a Pool Leak Detection Service

Commercial pools found in hotels, sports clubs and resorts, are usually handled by the management of the establishment. Meaning, they are responsible for all the necessary inspections and maintenance needed to keep their hospitality business going.

But things are different when you own a private pool. It may be smaller in size, but the issues are all the same. Therefore, it’s your job to make sure it stays safe for the family. And the best way to do it is to call for a pool leak detection in Gold Coast.

Here are important questions to ask after before you get the services of professionals:

  • Where did the damage start?

There are many ways a leak could start from. And whilst the most common reason would be a crack in the water pumps, leaks could also start from a loose drain or the accumulation of splash water in the skimmer and gutter system. It could also be caused by the chipping or cracks on tiles and grout.

The truth is, it’s difficult to spot issues right away. And most of the time, you’d only notice the damages when they have reached the external parts.

But you can prevent damages early on by hiring a company of leak detection experts. In fact, experts recommend to carry out an annual inspection of swimming pools to prevent the damages and fix them at once before they get worse.

  • How long will the repair take?

Aside from inspecting possible damages, you also get a diagnosis of the condition of your pool. Experts can give you professional advice on what repair services you need to ask from repair companies.

They can also give you an estimate on how much the repairs will cost and maybe even recommend which company to hire.

A pool leak can happen from time to time. Therefore, you need the help of experts like those of Seek-a-Leak to regularly inspect your facility. For best results, have it annually checked to make sure it stays in good condition. Visit their website now to get their services!