Precautions to Take when Running Fast on the Treadmill

Treadmills are no different from any other machinery. They demand cautious handling. Violation of safety norms can cause accidents. It is a safe alternative for runners who cannot take up outdoor sports. Weather and safety issues are the common show spoilers.

Avoid Relying on Handrails

A beginner can feel more confident by holding on to the handrail for the first few steps. It can help the walker to get familiar with the machine’s momentum. But most people miss the point. Handrails can help you to get on or off the machine safely. Maintaining a proper form for the upper body is the most essential aspect. An angular position of 90 degree should be maintained for the arms.

Using handrails for longer periods can make the exerciser prone to foot and leg injuries. It plays truant with the exerciser’s balance.
The core muscles should be given proper exercise. Clinging on to the handrail prevents the exerciser to burn the adequate calories. Free movement of the arms facilitates greater burning of calories.

Warm Up and Cool Down Sessions

Never forget to start your walking without a brief warm up session of at least 5 minutes. Your treadmill can tempt you to start the workout instantly. Do not take that bait.

Try to invest at least 5 minutes for cooling down. Fast running leads to an elevated heart rate. Try to lower it down with a slow walk or jog. Dizziness can be prevented through these simple steps while using this type of weight loss machines.