Reasons You Should Install Vanities even if you have a Small Sized Bathroom

Many people mistakenly assume that vanities and bathroom solutions are only meant for big sprawling bathrooms. Despite the fact that most apartment houses do not have large bathrooms anymore, this notion continues to dominate a select population of homeowners. Leading interior designers say that installing bathroom vanities become even more important when the overall floor area of the bathroom is small.

Save on space

When you have a small bathroom you can’t afford to fill up the entire floor space with innovative furniture however lovely they might look. In this scenario it’s wiser to use the unexplored expanse of space on your walls. As a smart and aesthetically intelligent homeowner you should lookout for ways by which you can shift things blocking your floor space up on the walls. Empty the contents of the old dresser you got as a hand me down and transfer them into one of the new bathroom vanities you have installed.

Utilize hidden areas

There are some spaces in your bathrooms which are vastly underutilized. In fact you wouldn’t even have imagined that these areas can actively be utilized for constructive purposes. One such area is the space beneath the sink. Leading interior designers have come up with innovative bathroom vanity concepts that will help you make the best use of this space. Everything from towels to extra linen can be stored here. So instead of letting these hidden spaces stay on as breeding grounds of dust and cobwebs in these places are difficult to clean use them for storage.

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