Improve your Bartending Skills with an RSA Certification

Conjuring up drinks that involve so much work and experimentation is not an easy task. Bartending – even in its glammed-up portrayal on TV – isn’t actually full of glamour in real life. You need to be precise, know how to manage your time well and have unlimited people skills. But before all that, you’ve got to earn a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certification that proves you’re qualified to work as a bartender.

RSA Course

RSA Course

Getting Started

Firstly, you need to be of legal age and above before you’re allowed to take this course as required by the law. That is because minors aren’t granted the permission to purchase liquor at a store or even enter premises, such as a bar, where they could be consuming alcohol.

This applies to almost every country. You can, for instance, still train for a service certificate if you’re, say, 17 years old, but it doesn’t give you the guarantee to serve liquor.

Learning Scope

After enrolling, you can now begin taking lessons that are in line with bartending online. What makes this experience noteworthy is you get to be taught using real drinks in a real bar setting. This usually takes hours, days, months, or years. That depends on your learning phase.

Over time and with constant practice, you’ll learn how to mix drinks that your regular customers like to have. You’ll be able to do this without mistakes because you know how each beer, wine, spirit, whiskey, vodka or soda works out since you’ve already been exposed to all of it during the course of your training.

On The Job

Most bartenders work part-time or regular at a bar, club, casino or hotel. Along with serving and attending to the customers, you’ll also need to take their orders, pour them alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, clean wine glasses, collect payments, and maintain liquor and bar supplies. This makes the time you took to enrol in an RSA course worth it.

At BarMax, you’ll master the basics of bartending in theory and earn an RSA course certificate. If you wish to get an idea of what you’ll be learning and more, visit their website.