Saying Goodbye to Your Neighbours before Moving

If time permits you, organize a small farewell party at your home. It need not be grand and expensive, just simple enough to show your neighbours you care. After dinner, give your neighbours presents to remember you by. Again, they need not be expensive, just some memorabilia that say, ‘It was a good ride so far. Let us keep in touch.’

Make sure you do this a few days ahead of your moving day, especially before the removalists from Adelaide arrive.

Maintain Silence

Just because you are close to your neighbours and you have thrown them a party do not mean you can be loud on your moving day. Shouting, loud music, excessive noise while disposing off unwanted things from your garage – everything should be conducted as silently as possible. It is also a form of showing respect to your neighbours. Inform your removalists of the same.

Before you close the door

Your removalists might have done their job well, but it doesn’t mean you need not check again. Check the area for anything left behind. Make sure there is no garbage or debris around your house. Your neighbours may not mind a little dirt, but it is your responsibility to make sure the surrounding is clean and tidy.

Moving On

In the end, you will be leaving all your wonderful memories behind; you will be getting ready to make a new start in a new neighbourhood. For your memories define you, it’s important you hold onto them tightly.

If your are moving to Australia and you want to bring some of your furniture with you, professional removalist can help you because they provide door to door services.