Commercial & Residential Premises – What Systems Are Available?

Sometimes high-pitched sirens are not necessary; they are not effective, too. Everyone these days have got accustomed to sirens so much they tend to ignore them. Your alarm system should have a central monitoring system. Whenever there is detection, the signal should silently reach the security monitoring department who in turn informs the nearby police or fire department, depending upon the situation. Systems that serve for both your home and your business should have a proper monitoring system.

Distress Alarms

Distress alarm systems are helpful to both elderly and to people who are guarding your office that is quite large. At home, the elderly should wear the alarm button and should press it if they have a medical emergency. This is extremely helpful when they can’t get to the phone. On the other hand, this is also useful to the person who is guarding your business office. Suppose the office is large and he sees some unusual activity at a distance, he can readily activate the distress alarm. The alarm sends a signal to the central monitoring system. Dialling a number can take a while. With Alarm monitoring in Brisbane, a few precious seconds can be saved.


A Closed Circuit Cameras or CCTVs are widely used in business offices. There is absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t be used in homes. These cameras are used to give access to specific set of people. At other times, they can monitor the activities and record them for future reference (should there be an incident). These cameras are usually connected to the main centre and used for surveillance.

In the end, being safe is all that matters. If you are looking forward to using the same type of alarm systems for both your home and business, make sure you keep in mind the above mentioned things.