Team Building Activities – Way to Incorporate Environment Friendly Projects

Environment Friendly Projects

Orienteering is one of the most fun activities. It gives you the opportunity to run into wilderness and enjoy the beauty of nature. This team building exercise requires you to use a map, a compass and check points and navigate the forest route. One of the commonest approaches to orienteering is cross-country. You will get stop points and the teams should establish stop points on their own and reach the destination in correct order in the shortest possible time. This activity requires team effort, good communication skills and problem solving skills. This is not only environment friendly, but also a great way to boost your inter-personal skills.


Another great team building activity is by using recyclable materials to invent something. Teams can use old boxes and cans and anything that’s not used anymore to make some prototypes. The models need not function, but the teams should explain the purpose of their models. Also, teams can use recycled materials to build trophies for any event, say corporate dinner. If there are some events in which people have won, you can use old boxes, pens and cans to build trophies. This is not only an amazing team building activity that helps green revolution, but also a great way to have fun with your friends and colleagues.

If helping the environment is your main concern, getting on the roads and cleaning is a way to do it. In the end, make sure to hold a lunch for the teams. This helps build your communication skills and you can get to know your colleagues well.