Tenants Information about Being Digital Ready

Certain regions in Australia could receive only analogue signals and people living in those areas are having to switch to the digital format, which takes money. Others receive particular types of payments from the Aussie government. In both these cases, the government may offer you financial or some other kind of assistance to prepare you for the digital TV switchover.

However, external antenna equipment and their installation are not included in this government assistance program.

Tenants with a Shared Antenna

Occupants of a group of townhouses, a multi-dwelling unit or an apartment complex often have to share their antenna system. All the owners need to agree to a switchover before digital TV antenna can be installed or before the current set up can be upgraded. You have to make sure to earn everybody’s consent and then discuss the issue with the property manager or landlord at the earliest possible opportunity for the switchover to take place quickly.

Are Tenants Responsible For Upgrading To Digital Antennas?

For those living in rented facilities, it is usually the responsibility of the property owner to maintain the antenna, ensure it is in working condition and undertake any kind of necessary repairs. Similarly, it is the owner’s responsibility as well to upgrade to digital antenna to that he and his tenants can watch digital satellite television shows.

In case, your landlord or property manager is not showing any enthusiasm for upgrading the analogue system any time soon, you should talk out the issue with him or her. Without the express permission of your landlord or property manager, you should never take it upon yourself to upgrade the current system.