Tips for Cleaning Your Carpet after a Party

The morning after the big casino party you realize that all the fun comes at a cost. There are marks all over your precious rug, your carpets are dirty and food splatters and wine spills adorn your floors. Carpet cleaning is your best bet right now, and you should call them as soon possible. But between the times you discover these stains and the cleaning service arrives home, you can do a lot to reduce the effect of these stains. Remember, time is of utmost important when you want to get rid of stubborn stains and there is a lot you can do to make sure your carpet is remains the way it is.

Be prepared

Before your guests start pouring in, make sure you are well prepared to handle any untoward incidents. Keep a stack of white terry towels, paper towels, and table salt handy. Do not panic when someone spills something, but instead take wise steps to make sure the satin does not permeate into the fabric.

White terry towels, and paper towels will come in handy when a liquid is spilled. And salt can be used to dry gravy spills and other such food splatters. Provide foot mats at all doors so that your guests do not track dirt onto your precious carpets.

Re-think the menu

Do you really need the red wine in a house full of white carpets? Or the chocolate fountain set up near your precious Persian carpet? Go through your menu and re-think all your food options.