Tips for Troubleshooting a Commercial Dishwasher

Dishwashers run on electricity and hence vulnerable to malfunction if not taken care of. In spite of differences in makes and models, dishwashers usually operate in the same way by utilising a balanced mixture of force and pressure to get your dishes clean. Dishwashers from all models of various major manufacturers have issues that are common.

Before you start

Commercial warewashing equipments generally have a lot of weight when compared with their household counterparts. So make sure you have additional help if the need arises. Before you call up a technician, it is always important that you refer to the “Troubleshooting” section of your instruction manual.

Most of the answers to your commercial dishwasher problems can be found there. If you have somehow misplaced it, you can always find the instruction manual of your dishwasher model in the respective manufacturer’s website.

Electrical problems

If your commercial dishwasher fails to turn on, make sure that the power cord is properly inserted into the wall socket. Also verify that the dishwasher door is correctly shut and that you have pressed the “On” or “Start” button and select a wash cycle.

It is advisable that you test the integrity of the wall socket by plugging in another appliance and check if the appliance works. Do not forget to check your circuit breaker, if it’s been tripped then flip it back up. There also might be a problem with the fuse, so look for the bad fuses and replace them if need be.

Add appliances if you need at home. Make sure it is economical yet durable.

Never put silver dishes on your commercial dishwasher. Handwashing should be done on this type of kitchenware.