Tips to Ensure you Choose a Safe Diamond Wholesaler for your Buying Purposes

There are several ways of buying a good quality diamond within your budget. You can either visit multiple shops and select a preset jewellery piece or buy loose diamonds from reliable diamond wholesalers and get them set according to your own design. However, astute buyers always prefer buying loose in bulk as it offers several advantages over buying preset jewellery.

Why Buy from a Diamond Wholesaler?

Buying loose diamonds at wholesale rates is a smart move. Firstly, you get to inspect the entire stone from different angles which gives you a complete view of all the imperfections. With set stones, you can only inspect the visible parts. Secondly, buying loose stones allows you to customize them for exclusive bespoke pieces. Thirdly, you of course save more when you buy in bulk at wholesale rates from diamond wholesalers Brisbane.

Selecting a Safe Diamond Wholesaler

There are hundreds of wholesalers all vying for your business so selecting the right one can be difficult if you don’t know the right parameters.

Purchase from Dealers who Provide Safe Payment Options

Reliable online dealers will offer multiple payment options through credit cards or standard money transfer procedures where you will have access to all documents related to the transaction. Never trust dealers who require you to pay the entire amount upfront while booking your consignment. Also, it’s safer to deal with national dealers rather than international dealers if you want quick redress and refund in case of disputes. Also check insurance to protect against any mishap during transit of consignment.