Trade Show Display Stands: Questions to Ask

A lot of businesses participate in trade shows to promote and improve their products or services. When planning for your trade show display stands, consider asking these questions:

Trade Show Display Stands

Display Stands

What is the nature of my business?

Your booth should reflect what kind of business your company does. List down the key aspects of your company such as the significance of the name, meaning of the logo, tagline and event the industry you are in. Discussing this with your display builder will enable them to incorporate all the relevant details in the design. This way, you can give your audience an in-depth introduction to your business.

How do I encourage the audience to avail my products or services?

Aside from introductions, your display will be successful if you’ll able to convince your market to transact with you. One way to do this is to have a trial section where people can try out your products or get a glimpse of your services. Another way to do this is by giving away coupons to urge them to try out your offers at a discounted price.

How can I make my booth memorable?

Interactive designs can make your display memorable. If you are selling game consoles or smartphones, you might want to set up a game where the audience try to beat the expert level. Giving away useful items such as hand fans, shirts and caps can make people remember your business whenever they use these.

Can I avail 24/7 service from my prospective company?

Trade shows usually run from morning until late in the evening. There’s always the possibility of encountering problems during those hours. Therefore, you need to get help from a company that offers 24-hour troubleshooting for a dependable service.

Your trade show display stands can help you persuade people to do business with you. Make sure to get the best services for your booth. Get in touch with iCatcher to enquire.