What do Courts Look for When Deciding Custody Issues of a Child

Divorce cases are complicated enough and affect every family member involved. While on the one hand the couple who is involved has to find ways to split amicably keeping in mind the best interests of the other family members, on the other hand the children of the couple have to be dealt with in a more sensitive and separate manner. Judges often conduct special hearings to award child custody to the right parent. While divorce involves one procedure in itself, fighting for child custody is a separate issue that requires an entirely different process.

Typically, when a court has to decide which parent the child will be awarded full custody to, the judges consider various factors.

It is important to prove that you have the financial capability to maintain your child’s needs and cater to a good education and upbringing if you are keen on having complete custody.

It is very important that courts award custody to the party who is fit both physically and especially mentally. Judges will assess both the parents on the basis of several factors to determine who the better of the two for full custody is.

Child Comfort level

Sometimes it is very evident that the child is comfortable with just one parent. Courts usually try and assess which parent fits the bill in this case before awarding custody. The age of the child and his or her maturity level may also be assessed. This is to better understand whether the child’s comfort zone is more determined by emotions or actual thoughts.