What Measures to Take to Prevent Injuries Caused due to Running

Running is the best way to keep yourself in shape but the injuries take a toll on your muscles and put a dampener on your enthusiasm. Vigorous activity puts strain on the muscles and the joints which can lead to severe pain and even disabilities. Statistics point out that 80% of the runners face some kind of running injury in due course of time which can accelerate if left untended. You need to take in your training and running frequency based on your body’s ability to accept the strain. If you continue to follow a punishing schedule with no due respect to your body, then there are chances of having severe disabilities in the long run.

Run on regular ground

Do not run on irregular or rough surfaces as it may affect your muscles and joints. Uneven terrain put more strain on your muscles and bones which may lead to sports injury. Keep to those quality pavements which help to keep you feet healthy.

You can prevent a running injury by knowing and listening to your body. You need to understand your limits and train accordingly with a qualified instructor. Keep up your weight training and muscle training schedule untouched as these may help in accessing the hidden reserves of your body and also build up you stamina essential for running. Lifting and cardio can strengthen bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Give importance to the hips which are the most used part and must be much thought about before running.