Things to Consider When Buying Block Out Curtains

Block out curtains are great to have. Whether it be in your bedroom, living or entertainment area, these are perfect for effectively blocking sunlight and making your space cool. If you have been wanting to buy new window fixtures, here are some things to consider:

Window Curtain

Choose the Right Colour

When picking the right colour, dark and heavy shades usually come to mind. Black, navy and grey are the usual colours that one might think of when block out shades are being talked about. However, these colours won’t flatter every room, right? Because of this, feel free to go for lighter shades as well. White and yellow will not only bring a lighter and fresher feel, these will also make your space appear bigger and brighter.

Type of Fabric

Gone are the days when thin sheets of fabric are all you’ll get. Today, everything should be luxurious and offer double protection. If you want a type of curtain that will last you for years, try to avoid polyester sheets. Opt for soft curtains that will only get flowy and silkier over time.

UV Protection

These types of window treatment help reduce the costs of your energy bills. Besides cutting the amount of sunlight and UV rays, these also protect your beloved furniture from being exposed to the sun, allowing it to retain its colour. If you want to go the extra mile, choose fabrics that are treated with UV protection so that the harmful rays of the sun won’t get to you.

Proper Placement

Place these curtains in rooms that get the most sunlight and where you want complete darkness, such as entertainment rooms. To properly install these fixtures, make sure to measure a couple of inches beyond the frame. This way, you have room for error whilst installing your shades.

For more information, feel free to call Designer Blinds. They have a wide selection of block out curtains to choose from.