When to Contact Your Vet?

Many vets recommend the yearly vaccination dose, which also complements and completes the annual check-up routine. However, it has recently come to notice that the annual vaccination may not be as necessary as we like to think. This is because the general nature and potency of the vaccines have changed over the years, and the vaccines available now are far better than the ones even ten years before. Some vets may discuss the lifestyle and eating habits of the dog before they recommend a vaccine. If your pet stays in an outdoor area though, such as on a farm or a field, the once a year vaccine is mandatory.

Open spaces carry lots of risks, and your pet may be exposed to a whole host of germs and disease causing agents. An indoor pet on the other hand, may not need the vaccine as often. There have also been cases where overdose of vaccinations has resulted in malign tumors in animals. Hence, before your vet pokes the needle into your pet, ask him about the uses of the vaccine and whether there are other steps you can take to lower the health risks for your pet and do away with the vaccine altogether or reduce its frequency.

One thing that you just shouldn’t do is miss an appointment with a Pet Veterinary. Your pet will be eternally grateful to your for that, despite the angry scratches you may receive every once a while!

Adult dogs can start with an initial dose which should be boosted annually if they have been given a one year shot. If administered the three year shot, a booster is given after a year and followed up with boosters once in three years afterwards.