Why a Website is More Important than Social Media Presence

The pivotal role of social media presence cannot be denied in today’s’ tech-savvy society but a owning a website is far more important. You are the owner of your website and it is like your own personal property. On account of the obvious advantages of a good web design over social media presence, people in ever increasing numbers are hiring website designers to create top-notch websites for their companies.

Finding the audience that you are looking for can be difficult on a social media platform

Social media works successfully only when you know who are your customers are and where are they located. But the real problem lies in locating or finding the clients. Some small businessmen are under the impression that setting up a Facebook profile is the most essential thing to do for increasing the potential customers.

The solution lies in having a great website

People assume that their prospective clients are on Facebook but, forget that fact that Facebook, isn’t the perfect fit for every business. For some people it might be Pinterest, for others it might be LinkedIn or other old-school social sites.

With a revolutionary website created by website designers who are experts in web designing, this problem can be resolved as then your audience can easily find you. In this way they will get relevant information about your products/services they want to enquire about or buy.

You are the proud owner of your website while you do not own social media

Most of us erroneously believe that Facebook or other social media platforms will last forever. If you invest all your energy and time in such a social network and it crashes suddenly, you will land up in a catastrophe.

A website is where you can put guidelines on how to use your product. You might as well add “Troubleshooting Guide” for it. A commercial dishwasher company, for example, can add this guide to their website which is truly helpful to customers.