Why do Most Small to Large Entities have Websites Today

p>Most companies and businesses today have a web presence, and have websites designed to lure customers. The net has become an important medium of brand communication and marketing, and so much so that the net total worth of internet related consumption and expenditure is now bigger than agriculture and energy sectors combined. Global market research giant McKinsey reports that in the last five years, internet use has led to a 21% rise in global GDP. The internet is also a good medium for job creation, with almost 2.6 jobs being created for every job lost to technology related changes in the work place.

It is no doubt that web designing and website creation are therefore becoming one of the most sought after jobs in the market today.

Internet and its impact on traditional industries<>

Since the net is thought to be for those who are extremely net savvy, and logically one would think that the virtual world would benefit only those who are connected to the world of science and technology. Interestingly though, over 75% of the revenue generated by internet based marketing comes from non-technology based enterprises. This just goes on to prove the power of the virtual world over the real world, and how important it is for a business to make its presence felt online.

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Qualities needed in a web designer

A practical approach with a good understanding of the industry needs is the first requirement of a good designer. The second quality is a logical problem solving mindset. The third quality needed in a successful designer is the ability to network and collaborate with other people on projects. The fourth and most essential quality in web design is the ability to keep pace with the rapidly changing technology.