What Are Ziptrak Blinds?

Ziptrak blinds are a gold standard in outdoor and interior blind systems. The patented design is one of the best in the industry. It has a sleek, minimalist design. This makes it easy to mix and match with any design. Its unique track guided functionalities make it one of the most efficient window treatments on the market.

Ziptrak blinds

What makes it special?

Ziptrak blinds

This type of blind has a patented design that’s unrivalled by any other brand. It’s fitted with a sprint balance mechanism, along with a hard lock system. This enables you to open and close the fabric in any position. It’s one of the easiest window treatments to operate. Some owners even install electronic controllers to make operation even more convenient.

The brand also uses top quality fabric for all their window treatments. These are made with the strongest material, which protects you against harsh UV rays. Outdoor varieties, in particular, are waterproof. It can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

This type of blind can be fitted with a variety of tools. This allows the user to customise its functionalities. Solar cells for motors are a popular addition. This allows for operation without electricity.

Where is it available?

This brand is available through verified resellers. If you’re planning to buy a set, make sure to buy only from reliable businesses. This ensures that you’re getting an authentic covering. Sellers like LTA Blinds provide original Ziptrak blinds in Adelaide. Call today to get a set.

Where can I use them?

These are very versatile when used indoors. Available in different colours, they can blend in with any décor. For outdoors, they can be used for:

Makeshift Greenhouses – The fabric used in these treatments are available in different opacities. Semi-opaque varieties with UVB protection are best for sensitive plants.

Outdoor Living Areas – Patios, balconies and gardens would all benefit from these window treatments. It allows you to use these areas regardless of the weather. Feel free to enjoy an al fresco meal whole year round! To add to this, it adds a level of privacy to an otherwise exposed space.